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About Smolcom LTD

Smolcom LTD would like to express you the deepest respect and thanks for your kind interest in our products. Taking this opportunity we would like to present our company and provide brief information of the products of Smolcom LTD.

Our company is Belarusian manufacturer and exporter of wooden mantels for electric fireplaces with experience in this field since 2001. We export our products in many countries in the world. Today out choice of wooden mantels is about 50 models of mantels.

Smolcom Ltd aspires to create only the best and to satisfy needs of buyers.

To achieve this object we always:

  • to demand high performance requirement to our products
  • to use only high quality materials in our manufacture
  • to improve assortment of our products meeting the requirements and expectations of consumers
  • to combine economical and ecological aspects
  • to improve professional skills and competence of the staff
  • to carry out market testing
  • to maintain standard of manufacture
Smolcom Ltd is opened for cooperation and ready to negotiate with clients and potential partners.

We do not promise impracticable, but we carry out promised. Therefore our clients are always assured that products will be made and delivered in precisely stipulated terms.

The basic kind of activity of Smolcom Ltd is manufacture of wooden mantels for electric fireplaces.

We demand high performance requirement to our products.

In the manufacture we use only modern German, Czech and Italian equipment, materials and accessories of leading European suppliers. At the some production phases we apply manual works to more detailed processing.

Feature of our mantels consists of using hand-worked groove from natural wood.

Special attention we pay to decorative painting of products. Our collective realizes that quality of let out production depends on quality of work of each worker and does all that production was qualitative and satisfied to inquiries of buyers.

All production is registered in the International System of Commodity Numbering and Shaped Coding EAN/UCC, and also hold certificates of hygienic registration and certificates of own manufacture.

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